Diabetes Coach (Pro)

Diabetes Coach (Pro)

Diabetes Coach (Pro)

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Diabetes Coach, the intelligent diabetes management app.
Simple and nicely designed with many features, can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Easy diary!
- Automatic calculations of the amount of insulin to inject, carbohydrates to eat, etc.
- Enter carbohydrates directly or choose foods from the integrated food database
- Plan injections or meals and get reminded by adding future diary entries
- Blood glucose, ketones, meals/carbs, bolus/correction/basal/pump insulin, blood pressure, pulse, weight, sports, symptoms, doctor's appointments, other medicaments, basis rates incl. temporary changes for pumps, comments…

- Guess your bloodsugar and improve your bloodsugar perception in a playful way
- Collect points when adding diary entries and reach the weekly limit

- Pens and pump supported incl. dynamic switching between both
- Custom units: mg/dl or mmol/l, bread units or grams of carbs, SI/US/imperial unit systems…
- Select your insulin: All common insulin types, find by brand
- Insulin factors with custom precision, 4 or up to 48 factors each day
- Light and dark themes plus optional effects
- Flexible screens: Movable cards, multiple columns

- With your Google Account
- With Nutrator app
- Export to CSV, binary, (dynamic) HTML
- Share your diagrams

- Tracks your stock of test stripes, insulin, etc
- How much is in stock?
- How much do I need for three months? Handy before travel or the next recipe-order
- Reminders like "Next basis injection in 5 hours"
- Warning like "Your bloodsugar is often too high at noon"
- Use the widget/notification to always see the last measurement and current prognosis

- Bloodsugar curves by time of day
- "Standard Day", all measurements shown in one day
- Blood sugar prognose incl. error and insulin activity profiles
- More charts
- Statistics: Average blood sugar, standard deviation, HbA1c, injected insulin, more…

Get your diabetes coach!
In case of problems: diabetescoach.app@gmail.com

Compatibility from Gingerbread (2.3) to Lollipop, ready for tablets.
More information on https://plus.google.com/u/0/117770505678680519309/posts

Bug fixes
- Meals can be favored, card "Favorite Meals", etc.
- New help system
- Faster edit screen
- Crash fixes